Join the Revolution

Do you have what it takes to be a Free Agent?

Do you believe that the world of work is changing? Do you believe that the future of work will be contract? Do you believe that the future belongs to Free Agents? Well, welcome.

With all the tools available today, work is being redefined everyday. We all subscribe to this new way of thinking, in order to change the world of work.

See how our associates benefit from being a part of the Free Agent Factory:

  • Ongoing business development (when you’re busy with a client project, we can be out looking for your next gig)
  • Access to new clients and new markets (who would have thought you have a future in biotech - we do!)
  • Invoicing and Collections facilities – (you make your clients happy – we’ll bill and collect in a timely manner)
  • Shared services and volume purchasing (everything is 'cheaper by the dozen')
  • Access to other Free Agents and collaborators (we know it can get lonely on your own)

View our Free Agent Manifesto (pdf).

Ready to start? Join the Free Agent Factory today.